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grand rapids mi // august 2 & 3


also Available by phone: 1.800.982.2787

muskegon mi // august 9 & 10


also available by phone: 1.800.585.3737


inspiring (a) movement.

We center our company around the professional dancer, period.

Dancers with Deos are always  paid, unlike most summer opportunities. Our season is limited to only the summer so dancers can be employed with other dance companies during their normal season. We offer project-based employment to freelance dancers throughout the year.

Our performances tell diverse and compelling stories. They are more than high-quality performance art; we change people with motion rather than words.

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Collide 2019

on stage this summer.


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deos contemporary ballet presents: collide

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about the show

experience the impact.

Feel the result when reality collides with what you planned. Our powerful choreography and beautiful dancers make statements of impact. Love is fallen into over and over again. Everyone can find the strength inside to confront their personal battles. Loss is unique but you are never alone.

Collide is a mixed rep show with 5 world premieres choreographed by Creative Director Tess Sinke. The show brings a wide variety of styles to life in a journey through the different ways we are impacted by the people and environments that surround us.

show dates

grand rapids mi // august 2 & 3

muskegon mi // august 9 & 10

tickets on sale now!


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Deos Contemporary Ballet is a professional ballet company based in West Michigan. Deos tours live shows of original choreography performed by talented dancers from across the United States.



We hire professionals from across the United States during their seasonal layoff. This summer, our talented dancers represent 10 different states.



Coming to the stage for 2019 is an exciting new show: Collide. Choreography by creative director Tess Sinke. Tickets on sale now!

Not just a show. an experience.
— Attendee of an evening of brahms

past events

A night of brahms // summer 2018